This year ARMA is challenging municipalities registered in the ePilot Project to collect as much ePilot material as possible! We encourage you to rally your residents to bring in their old electronics as they work with you to become the winning municipality!

The winning
municipality will
be awarded
3 prizes

– 1 –

Official ePilot Municipal Competition

Custom designed by Alberta Recycling.

– 2 –

Premium ARMA Swag Bag
This will include a bundle of goodies for each site operator within the winning municipality.

– 2 –

Bragging Rights!
This is a good opportunity to toot your community’s horn on involvement for bettering our environment.


In order to be eligible for participation in the ePilot Competition the following ePilot Program Requirements must be met:


  1. Registered Electronics Municipal Collection Site Pilot Program Requirements Sign-Off form completed and submitted to ARMA.
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement completed and submitted to ARMA.
  3. Expanded Electronics Pilot Program signage posted / installed at your collection site.


All municipalities currently registered to participate in the ePilot Program and meeting all ePilot program requirements will automatically be entered in the ePilot Competition.  If you have not yet submitted your ePilot Program Sign-Off or EFT Agreement and have not yet posted your ePilot signage, please do so and submit to


The ePilot Competition will run for a 16-month period, beginning (retroactively) as of September 1, 2020, and concluding  December 31, 2021.


  1. Each municipality that has registered to participate in the ePilot and is currently meeting program requirements as outlined above, will be registered to participate in the Competition. If a municipality wishes to participate in the Competition but has not yet submitted their required paperwork or posted the required signage, official tonnage count will be calculated from the date that all requirements have been met.
  2. All registered collection sites within a municipality will compete together as a team (this is not an individual collection site competition).
  3. Points will be awarded based on the weight of ePilot materials collected. Due to the differing sizes of municipalities, these points will be distributed on a per capita basis so that each municipality competes  on a level playing field.


We will be using the information from to determine the population of each municipality.


  1. Weights will be based on the scale tickets submitted with your ePilot claims.  Due to differing sizes of municipalities, point will be distributed on a per capita basis.
  2. ePilot Quarterly Claims must be submitted to according to the ePilot claims schedule. If claims are not submitted on time or paperwork is not complete, the tonnage indicated on the claim will not count towards the Competition.
  3. If processors or field staff identify materials arriving at a processor site that are improperly sorted or separated e.g. if there is commingling of ePilot and regular Program materials, points will be deducted.


At the end of the 16-month ePilot Competition, ARMA will review each municipality’s claims to determine which municipality collected the most ePilot material per capita. Points will be awarded as follows:


10 kg ePilot Material
1 Point
Improper Sorting / Separation
5% Reduction of
Points per instance


At the end of the competition all points will be tallied and then be adjusted on a per capita basis.


Total Points
Number of Residents x 100
Overall Score


The municipality with the most ePilot material collected per capita will be awarded the title of ePilot Municipal Competition CHAMPION!


Use the assets in the marketing
toolkit to help promote electronics
recycling in your area!

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Bow Valley Waste Management Commission is taking the lead!


ARMA will provide a competition-standings update at the Alberta CARE conference in September 2021 and the winner of the ePilot Municipal Competition will be announced at the February 2022 Alberta CARE conference. Prizes will be awarded to the winning municipality at that time.


Remember to bookmark for information on the competition and promotional materials to help you rally your residents to bring in their ePilot material and make you a winner!

If you have any questions about the ePilot Municipal Competition,
please email