Since 1992, Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA), on behalf of the Government of Alberta, has been proud to work with a broad spectrum of stakeholders.  We have collaborated to shape recycling policy, to create a processing system that adds value to the materials, to minimize the volume entering landfills and to act as collective stewards of Alberta’s environment.


On May 11, 2020, the Alberta Environment Minister announced its approval of ARMA’s Electronics Expansion Pilot Project, and we are activating our preparation phase to work towards a September 1 launch.


We are excited for the many opportunities and benefits an expanded electronics recycling program could bring to Alberta’s circular economy while continuing to contribute to the global effort to reduce and reuse waste. This two-year electronics pilot project could see an additional 24,600 tonnes of electronics recycled through the program and will add additional jobs and economic impact to Alberta.  An expanded electronics program has the potential to inject $30 million GVA annually into Alberta’s economy and create 360 additional full-time jobs in the recycling sector.


With the data that ARMA will gather from this project, we will be able to provide the government and others with critical information that will help them determine the best course of action to modernize the electronics recycling program for the long-term.


Albertans are our biggest champions and demonstrate on a daily basis a strong culture for recycling.   I’m confident that this pilot project will be yet another example that will showcase how Alberta is continuing to be a leader in building recycling options.




Ed Gugenheimer